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Published: 08th August 2012
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Once upon a time there were people who turned their nose up at unique handmade fashion jewellery and it was looked down on it by others in society. This is not so anymore. Handcrafted jewellery is very in vogue, especially with the technology and new manufacturing processes that exists today, which help designers develop intriguing and unique and unusual designs that are becoming much sort after.

Costume jewellery was first started to be produced around 70 years ago when the desire by women to have beautiful adornments at affordable prices. The designers of these pieces took their inspiration from traditional designs and created earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches for the masses.
These beautiful creative designs were and continue to be made with cheaper materials, like glass, plastic, synthetic stones that were meant to look like semi-precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies and or course the ladies favourite diamonds, and highly polished natural stones like agate were substituted for more expensive stones. The most common settings include silver, pewter, brass and even lead although lead is not now used in most manufacturing of handmade jewellery and there are now new directives about the amount of nickel that can be used. However, the more expensive pieces of these stunning handcrafted jewellery designs use stones such as cubic zirconia and Austrian cut crystal to simulate diamonds, and semiprecious stones to replace other precious gemstones.

Fashion costume jewellery today means that you can add your own unique personal style to create the unusual look you are aiming for, at a much less cost of traditional precious jewellery. However, you can find many inexpensive designs and more expensive pieces, depending on your budget.

Most of these pieces can be kept and reused or put away for future use. There are pieces available to suit any age, as well as any type of style. You can find rings, earrings, anklets, or any other type you desire. They can be purchased at sets or as individual pieces.

There probably isnít one fashionable woman that does not have pieces of handcrafted jewellery in her jewellery box, a pair of faux pearl earrings, a wooden jewellery necklace, and bracelets in bright colours. Even the rich and many celebrities are now wearing these handcrafted accessories to add style, glamour and a touch of fun to their outfits, creating the unique look that they desire. Many women choose to have copies made of their very expensive pieces of genuine precious jewellery made for security. With that said, every new fashion season, and each new fashion year for that matter, has new handcrafted jewellery created to help us all create our own unique and unusual style. The best thing about these fun designs is that they allow all of us to take one dress and change to change the looks of this outfit from day wear to evening wear with just a change of our jewellery pieces.

Of course, in these days of the fashion conscious, we all wear handmade jewellery designs in order to obtain our favourite look. And, there is costume jewellery available in the large stores to accommodate any budget. For example, a piece that has been created from cut glass is much less expensive than one that looks much the same but is made with Austrian crystals and they still give the same sparkle and beauty.

No matter on the amount of money you are wanting to spend, the majority of these stunning pieces of unique handmade jewellery will definitely become keepsakes which will be worn over and over and kept save for future way. The other thing that is very good is that, they are appropriate for any age, and any style you choose to wear. You can find complete jewellery sets or individual rings, beaded bracelets, handcrafted earrings, and hair adornments.

As we have said above, they have been created for every social class and background. In fact, it has now become common to see Hollywood celebrities wearing these original jewellery designs to put their own look together. Luckily, each new fashion season gives us new and exciting handmade jewellery designs to complement the latest fashion styles and allow each individual to personalize their own unique look. And the great thing about these fun and funky designs is that you can dress up an outfit or dress down your look to go with the special occasion you are going to.

When we want to create our own style adding handmade jewellery designs to our outfits. On the market we can now find pieces at affordable prices that imitate expensive designer pieces and these handcrafted jewellery pieces can be also seen on the rich and famous and have become a part of every womanís wardrobe. So if it is a jewellery necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a ring we all wear these beautiful pieces.

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